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Tree of People

Someone passing can feel overwhelming

whether you’re a family member trying to resolve issues with probate or a solicitor trying to find heirs to an unclaimed estate

Want to make the process simple?

You should be able to trust that the process can be resolved with ease and confidence, balancing the interests of everyone involved, to give families the closure they need.

Probate Research

In some estates there may be no known heirs, or there may be missing heirs whose names are known but their contact information is not. There may be also be known heirs from one part of the family, but another part of the family may be unknown. In all these instances, we work to trace the next-of-kin. We specialise in estates that have remained on the Treasury Solicitors Unclaimed Estates List for some time, perhaps because of a discrepancy in the deceased’s name or date of birth.

Unclaimed Estates

We work on behalf of solicitors to trace named beneficiaries or trace missing friends or family members. If you become aware of a case where someone has died intestate, and there are no known heirs, you could be missing out on fees.

That’s why we offer a Free Administrator Search, meaning we’ll support you with the search without a charge to your firm

Family Research

From tracing Family Trees and uncovering Family Histories, to retrieving particular documents. Whatever your requirement we look forward to introducing you to your Ancestors. We aim to discover when and where your ancestors were born, who they married, what their occupations were, where they lived, and any children revealed by the censuses. It is possible to trace most families back to the early 1800s, while some parish records go back as far as the early 1500s.

Image of Claire Miller, Director of Langton Genealogy

I’m Claire!

I started Langton Genealogy in 2010.
I am all about my family and that is what originally started my interest in genealogy when I was a teenager.

After taking voluntary redundancy from the General Register Office I decided to set up my business to fit around our family and I’ve never looked back! If you’ve got a mystery that needs solving come to me. If you have a genealogical brick wall that needs knocking down or you want a family tree compiling for a gift. I have got you covered; send me an email and we can have a look at the options available to you.

“Claire has been instrumental in assisting me in locating missing beneficiaries for various estates which I have administered over the years. Her skills have also been put to use in ascertaining whether clients for whom we have been holding Wills for a long time, are still alive or not. I have only ever found Claire to be professional and courteous when dealing with her and due to her knowledge she is able to suggest avenues of investigation which had not occurred to me.”

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